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Here is a summary of the issues and priorities I will work on as your MLA in the next Legislative Assembly.

I look forward to hearing about your ideas, issues and concerns in the coming weeks.

Social Needs

• Provide seniors with more “Aging in Place” programs such as affordable housing, subsidized rent, supportive living and more Homecare services.

• Stop cutting programs, services and jobs to fund large infrastructure projects.

• Build or retrofit more affordable and energy efficient housing to lower the cost of living, create local jobs and reduce greenhouse gases.

• Support the sobering centre, day shelter and safe ride programs and offer more Housing First, Ready to Work and managed alcohol/drug programs.

Children and Education

• Offer affordable and high-quality child care in all NWT communities.

• Fund schools adequately to meet the learning needs of all primary and secondary students.

• Develop a NWT Polytechnic University with a Yellowknife campus and give official status for Collège Nordique and Dechinta Centre for Research and Learning.

Environment and Energy

• Pass a Climate Crisis Act to ensure GNWT takes necessary actions.

• Protect key habitat to save our caribou herds.

• Use Taltson hydro to provide energy for NWT instead of exporting power to the south.

Resource Development and Remediation

• Maximize local benefits with the Giant Mine Remediation Project with job training and better contracts.

• Ensure responsible mining and energy development through local benefits, jobs and a fair return from royalties and taxes.

Diversify and Stabilize the Economy

• Create tourism jobs and other local benefits from projects such as Thaidene Nene protected area.

• Develop a new Yellowknife tourism visitor’s centre funded fairly by GNWT.

• Focus Agricultural policy on food security, support for local producers and increased access to agricultural land.

• Invest more in the creative arts, culture and heritage.


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