It has been an honour and privilege to serve as your Member of the Legislative Assembly for Frame Lake since 2015.

Frame Lake has been my home for more than 25 years.

I am a committed and active voice in the Assembly on the environment, social justice and democracy.

I have a lot more to offer.

That’s why I’m running again.

Key Achievements:

• Improved legislation such as making changes to Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (it is one of the best in Canada) and expanding public reporting for NWT 9-1-1 Act
• Chaired Committee that developed a tougher and enforceable Code of Conduct for MLAs.
• Enabled students to vote on-line and provided more voting options for others.
• Developed the only Bill by a regular MLA clarifying NWT cremation services.
• Helped avoid strike with members of Union of Northern Workers.
• Had the best MLA attendance record and always prepared.

See the record of my positions and achievements through my Member Statements.

I published a newsletter three times a year to report to my constituents, and visited every doorstep in the riding once a year to make myself available and accountable. See my newsletters.